Hip Hop

 Clothes cover our nakedness. They protect us from the weather. They decorate and they adorn. But whatever other function they serve, clothes always present information. What we wear tells the world “This is who I am”. They are a woven outer shell that specifies our true intrinsic nature…or not.  Every outfit may be only a story, one we want others to believe of us, or one we wish to believe of ourselves.

 In most of these works, I show only clothing. All are hand and homemade, as is a self-image.  Here they and their environment tell a story, neither true nor false. The viewer is invited to try on the fit.

I employ both additive and subtractive manipulations using colored pencils, solvents, erasers, brushes, and cloths on a paper substitute, usually Mylar.




For Norman

 I believe that the ebb and flow of our emotions coupled with our experiences, over time, form our textures, scars, wrinkles, and spots.  Thus, like a scientist studying a fossil, I explore the history of a human being by the intense observation of the face.  I show exactitude and abundance of detail that the unassisted human eye would miss.  Further, by pairing the face or figure of individuals in imaginary fabric or hair, the artwork weaves together a hybrid that combines the warp and weft of both rigorous realism and creativity.

 My favorite technique resonates with my subject, as it is achieved through the slow build up of multiple layers.  Imitating the cyclic nature of growth and decay, I employ both additive and subtractive manipulations using Prismacolor pencils, solvents, erasers, brushes, and cloths.  Deep within the layers, light refraction is encouraged by the unique translucency of the mylar surface. 




Tectonics Project

Biotectonical: #6

Biotectonics is the science or practice of constructing biological entities. Here I have imagined new creatures and environments with the intent of investigating the threat posed by new biologically based technologies. I cannot escape the anxiety generated by my view of these as a destabilization of the fundamentals of life. Whether through a swift, manufactured Armageddon or slow, inexorable natural decay, I fear man’s intricately woven tapestry of civilization could come undone with the pull of a single thread.


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